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Have a question about leathers, suedes or furs? We can help! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, but we would like to respond to any other questions you may have. Send us a question and will we respond directly or you can contact a local PLCA member near you.

I put a sticker on my leather jacket and it left a mark when I took it off. What should I do? When a sticker is improperly removed from leather or suede, it can remove the top layer of the skin. Depending on the damage and the type of skin, A Professional Leather Cleaner can often correct the problem or effectively mask the damage. It is recommended that you do not attempt to remove a sticker from leather; allow a Professional Leather Cleaner to safely remove it so there will not be any damage to the skins.

My jacket is faded and the color is worn off in some areas. Can you fix that? A Professional Leather Cleaner will routinely refinish smooth leather garments restoring lost color. There are also options available for other skin types to restore color which can be explained by your Professional Leather Cleaner.

I left my leather jacket in the basement and it got mold on it. Is it ruined? Usually not! A Professional Leather Cleaner has products designed to kill mold and mildew on leather and address the odor left behind. Damaged finishes can also be restored.

I bought a light brown Nubuc jacket last year. How often should I have it cleaned? We recommend cleaning yearly or whenever soil or stains become visible. Just like textiles, the longer a soil is allowed to remain, the more difficult it is to safely remove. Some substances such as urine, blood and salt can cause permanent damage to skins if allowed to remain. Nubucs, which are skins left "nude" without a protective finish, are more prone to absorbing soil and stains and should be cleaned regularly.

My long leather coat has spots on the bottom edge that have shriveled the leather. What is that? In the industry, it is called a "burn". In your case, it is probably caused by salt used to melt ice in the winter. Burns can also be caused by blood, urine, alcohol and milk products. It is important to advise your Professional Leather Cleaner if you have any of these substances on your leather and to have it cleaned promptly before damage occurs. There are also products available to the Professional Leather Cleaner to correct damage caused by burns.

There are small holes all over my suede jacket that weren't there when I bought. What happened? It sounds like your jacket is made from the pig suede. The distinguishing feature of pig suede is the small holes caused by the hair follicles. Manufacturers will mask these holes with fillers (think of it as make-up) that will come out during cleaning or normal wear. When buying garments made from pig suede, look for thicker skins for the best wear. The thinner the skins, the weaker they will be and the more prominent the hair follicles will become.

There are dark stains along many of the seams and pockets of my leather coat. What is that? It likely is the adhesive the manufacturer used in the construction of your garment. Manufacturers will sometimes use inferior glue which will seep through the leather causing shaded areas. A Professional Leather Cleaner can often recognize problem garments before cleaning, but not always. Whenever possible, the customer will be asked for a release to clean a garment with a potential glue bleed problem.

I cleaned my washable suede jacket and it looks terrible! What should I do? If the garment was cleaned according to the care label instructions and does not perform as expected, we would recommend returning it to the place of purchase. All parts of the garment must be able to withstand the recommended cleaning process according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you are not able to return it for a refund, a Professional Leather Cleaner will often be able to restore the jacket.

Before and After Cleaning Boots

My UGG boots are salt stained and water spotted. Do you clean boots? Professional Leather Cleaner is able to do a great job in removing salt and water damage. Having your suede and leather boots cleaned after every season is a great way to extend the life of your investment.

What is PVC leather? It is not leather, but vinyl. Vinyl can also be cleaned and refinished by a Professional Leather Cleaner.