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Disaster Restoration

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Whether it is fire, smoke, water or mold damage, the most important consideration in handling a disaster insurance claim is providing the best possible service to the policy holder. Insurance agents, adjusters, contractors, and content-cleaning companies all have an important role to play. The goal of the adjuster is to insure that the policy holder's available coverage is used wisely by restoring household contents to their "pre-event condition" whenever possible.

Just as you would not expect a carpet cleaner to be able to expertly clean clothes, you should not expect a dry cleaner or textile restoration company to be able to properly clean leather garments. Dry cleaners may designate many leather items as a "total loss" only because they are not equipped to properly clean them. A Professional Leather Cleaner can help control replacement costs by restoring garments to their pre-event condition. Equipped to handle smoke and water damage, Professional Leather Cleaners can clean and refinish all but the most seriously damaged leather garments and accessories at a fraction of the cost of replacement. This relieves the policy holder the stress of replacing their favorite garments and helps restore continuity to their lives. It also saves available coverage dollars for other necessary uses.