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When you make an investment in a quality leather garment or accessory, you want to maintain the beauty for years to come. Here are some suggestions that will help!

Buying Considerations

Leather Accessories

An important consideration for most consumers when buying a leather item is how it will wear and how it will hold up when cleaning is necessary.

Skin types - choosing the most appropriate skin type to meet your needs:

Finishes & Colors:

Fancy Leather


Some ornamentation used on leather garments may be prone to damage. Beading, sequins, fragile buttons, certain clasps, and other added ornamentation may require a customer release for cleaning. All ornamentation on a garment is required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to be able to withstand the recommended cleaning process; however, this is not always the case. An experienced Professional Leather Cleaner will be able to identify potential problems and notify you before processing your garment.


Choosing the right storage enviroment is important for leathers and furs.


There are things you can do to avoid an unnecessary trip to the cleaners.

Cleaning Your Leathers

In general, it is recommended to have your leather garment professionally cleaned by a leather specialist when it shows signs of soil and stains. Allowing soil and stains to set through time and exposure to UV light will make them more difficult to safely clean. When it's time to clean your leathers, make sure you entrust them to someone capable of providing a quality service. Ask the question, "Do you send leathers out to a Professional Leather Cleaner or clean them yourself?" Beware the cleaner that says they can clean leathers themselves! A few dollars saved could mean a ruined garment.

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